Test Facilities, Czech Republic

Test Facilities Czech Republic Companies Worldwide
  • USA. Independent institution, providing microbiology testing services for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Bioburden and biocompatibillity tests for
  • USA. Independent laboratory with affiliates worldwide. Provides biological, chemical and physical testing services to the medical device industry, and offers education,
  • USA. Independent laboratory for product evaluation and testing. Services include product development, testing and technical consulting. Bioburden and biocompatibillity
  • USA. Independent testing institute with laboratories world wide. Quality assurance, polymer research, product and process engineering and specialty manufacturing.
  • Switzerland. Independent textile testing institute. Chemical analysis, mechanical and electronic testing of fibers, yarns and fabrics, and consulting on ecological
  • Joint initiative of the European carpet industry, involved in the development and certification of new standards for carpet testing and environmentally responsible
  • Germany. Independent testing and research institution, active in natural fibers production and processing technologies and methods. Testing programs for cotton and wool
  • USA. Independent testing laboratory for the textile and carpet industries. Detailed list of available services. Also, specialty testing services.
  • Canada. Independent, commercial analysis and testing services center for the textile and apparel industries, based in the University of Manitoba's Human Ecology Faculty.
  • India. Department of the Indian Ministry of Textiles, involved in testing, quality inspection and certification, and market research and technical consulting services.
  • USA. Independent laboratory for fire and flammability testing services for the textile, plastics and construction industries. Directory of tests, searchable by product
  • Germany. Non-profit research and testing institute for the plastics, leather, textile and nonwovens industries. Also, organizers of conferences, seminars and courses.
  • Switzerland. Multi-national group of laboratories, active in testing, verification and certification of materials and products. Testing and evaluation of natural and
  • India. Full service research, development and testing institute for man-made fiber, yarns, textiles and textile chemicals. Also, manufacturers of testing instruments,
  • USA. Multi-national group of consultants specialised in ropes, textiles and marine systems. Design and testing services for fibers, yarns and textile fabrics. Fiber
  • USA. Providers of color communication services. Customised and engineered color standards. Textile testing and environmental auditing services. Part of the DyStar Group.
  • UK. Commercial company of the Nottingham Trent University. Business consultants and services, and organization of short courses and training programs. Color fastness,
  • Independent group of institutes providing testing services for the natural and man-made fiber, textile, chemical, papermaking, rubber and leather processing industries.
  • Czech Republic. Accredited testing laboratory for fibers, textiles, apparel, geosynthetics, nonwovens, upholstery and toys. Complete list of tests. English and Czech.
  • Slovakia. Institute for textile and nonwovens testing and chemistry, focused on automobile carpets, textile auxiliaries, textile finishing technologies, and the
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