Machinery and Equipment, Czech Republic

Machinery and Equipment Czech Republic Companies Worldwide
  • USA. Suppliers of machines, components and spare parts for the textiles, man-made fiber, recycling, and glass tempering industries.
  • USA. Custom mechanical design and specialty machine manufacturing company, specialised in the composites industry. Fiber tensioners and filament winders, coating and
  • France. Design and manufacture of solid and liquid separation, and solvent extraction centrifuges for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile, metal working, and
  • Germany. Design, development and manufacture of a wide range of preparation, processing, finishing and coating machinery, equipment, accessories and complete plants for
  • Italy. Design and manufacture of manual, semi-automatic and automatic machinery for the production and packaging of cotton wool rolls, pads, balls and webs. Detailed
  • Italy. Design and manufacture of machinery and complete plants for textile and nonwovens wet and dry finishing processes. Multi-lingual site.
  • Germany. Group of companies, active in machinery and complete systems for the processing of leathers, technical textiles and nonwovens, synthetic materials, rubber and
  • USA. Manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment, accessories and technical services for a wide range of industrial applications. Machinery and complete plants
  • Switzerland. Diversified group of companies, active in production systems, components, and services for thin film, vacuum and precision technologies. Machinery, parts
  • Italy. Design and manufacture of machinery and complete plants for dairy products and thermal processing applications. Computerised high-pressure autoclaves for carbon
  • Germany. Machinery for wet and dry finishing processes in the textile industry. Washing, bleaching and dyeing machines. Padding, coating, laminating, drying and curing
  • Germany. Design and manufacture of flame-laminating and needle perforating machinery for genuine and artificial leathers, paper, foils, textiles and nonwovens, primarily
  • Germany. Manufacturers of machinery, equipment and instruments for the production, processing and testing of textiles, carpets, nonwovens, flock, plastics, glass and
  • China. Diversified company, active in machinery and complete plants for a range of industrial applications. Manufacturers of cotton ginning equipment, carding systems
  • India. Design and manufacture of cards for woollen and worsted yarn spinning, and volumetric hopper feeders, cards and horizontal crosslappers for nonwovens production
  • UK. Design, development and manufacture of specialty finishing machinery and complete lines for the carpet, textile and nonwovens industries. Coating, shearing, tile
  • Spain. Design and manufacture of machinery and complete plants for textile pre-treatment, preparation, bleaching, printing and finishing applications. Also, crosslappers