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  • USA. Independent laboratory for testing, consulting, training, and research in the down and feather industry worldwide. Extensive library of technical and newsletter
  • Italy. Trade organisation for processors of feather and down, and feather and down filled products, dedicated to promotion and quality certification. Extensive technical
  • Non-profit organization, devoted to maintaining quality standards for down and feather products sold in Canada. Consumer information about the properties, qualities and
  • Trade organization for Chinese processors of feather and down, and manufacturers of feather and down filled textile products. Business news and trade opportunities. List
  • Austria. International association of processors and producers of feather and down material and finished products, and traders and testing institutes in the feather and
  • Germany. International membership organization for associations of the bed-feather industry and trade, manufacturers, processors and dealers in raw feathers and down,
  • Trade association of manufacturers of natural fill bedding products, as well as dealers, buyers, sellers and processors of feathers and down for use in home fashion